A Warm Welcome to the Catholic Church in Kendal

We hope you enjoy exploring this website, seeing something of what we do.
We would be delighted if you came to join us in person.

Forthcoming events: Cenacolo 10th Anniversary weekend May 2nd Open Event at Kirkbie Kendal School

THE ROSARY IN MAY:  see the appeal in the Bulletin for all of us to say the Rosary every day at about 6pm, for different intentions – a joint parish commitment to prayer.
Saturday 16th May, 10am – 1pm
Each church has volunteered to be a ‘Bridge Checker’ for the sponsored
walk and HTSG has opted for Miller Bridge. The duty of the ‘bridge
checker’ is to welcome the walkers, hand out route instructions, badges
and accept donations etc. If you would like to help being a bridge
checker or take part in the walk, please see Father Hugh for more details


Sunday Mass Times

Vigil Mass – Saturday @ 6:00 PM, Sunday Masses – 10:00 AM & 6:00 PM,
Sunday Mass in Sedbergh @ 12:00 Noon.
Confessions are every Saturday from 5:10 PM to 5:40 PM

Weekday Mass Times (for variations, please see Bulletin)

Mondays @ 9.15am, Tuesdays @ 12.15pm, Wednesdays @ 7pm and Thursdays and Fridays @ 12.15pm

Parish Bulletin

Download here
Bulletin 3rd May 2015
Bulletin 26th April 2015
Bulletin 19th April 2015

Recent News

  • Cenacolo community with families

    Cenacolo UK10th Anniversary Celebrations

    The UK Cenacolo will celebrate throughout the first weekend of May 2015 Arrangements for the weekend: Friday May 1st: At Dodding Green Parents’ Day (for UK parents who have a child in the anywhere in the Community) to be held at Holy Trinity and St George (Parish Centre). Saturday May

  • Bishop at work

    The World is our Host

    Anglican bishops from six continents speak together on climate change: a message for Good Friday.(Original document The World is our Host) A Call to Urgent Action for Climate Justice Volmoed Conference and Retreat Centre (A Community of the Cross of Nails Partner), South Africa, 23 to 27 February 2015 In

  • Life to the Full

    Parish Mission Lent 2015 Mass presentation

    David Payne introduced each Mass presentation with the question, ‘If somebody asked you tomorrow why Jesus came, what would you say?’ The answer he looked for was, ‘to bring us to God’s love’. Steve’s mime illustrated this through the story of an old violin that was about to be auctioned