There is an arrangement in place within the UK tax system whereby, if a UK tax payer makes a donation to a charity based in the UK, the charity can reclaim the tax that has been paid on that donation. This system is currently known as Gift Aid and, in practice, it means that for every one pound that people donate, for example to the church collection, a further 25 pence can be reclaimed by the parish to further its work. A typical rebate from the Tax Office comes to more than £10,000. This is only possible because of the good will of parishioners who feel that they are able to sign on to this scheme.

Although there must be some mechanism by which the donations can be traced (for example the coloured envelopes in church) this is done on an anonymous numbered system and those counting the collection would not be able to identify who the individual donor is. Unlike some of the previous tax reclaim systems, Gift Aid is flexible and we claim tax back only on donations that are made, which might also include an occasional larger donation for a particular purpose.

If you would like to help the parish in this way (you only have to fill in a form) please contact Fr Hugh.