Kendal Ecumenical Group is not simply an inter-denominational Christian group. We are ‘concerned with the whole inhabited world’; the original wider meaning of ecumenical. We encourage wider interest in every aspect of religion and inter-religious dialogue.
Each year we invite religious speakers of high international standing to lead an event. Twice we have lightened the programme with an Iona-style Big Sing. In 2011 we welcomed Catholic Archbishop Kevin McDonald (in May) and the Bishop of Carlisle James Newcome (in September). In 2003, our first such visitor was Bishop John Shelby Spong. He inspired us to study and discuss his book ‘Why Christianity Must Change or Die’. Subsequent speakers have included  Bishop Richard Holloway, Fr. Gerry Hughes SJ and Lord David Alton. Our discussion group continues to meet twice monthly in spring and autumn in conjunction with Progressive Christianity Network Britain. Recently it has used DVDs as the basis for free and open discussion.   We welcome all comers on a casual or regular basis; contact details below.

We are a registered charity. Our purpose is “To advance religion for the benefit of the public, by holding in South Lakeland, ecumenical meetings, lectures(talks), other activities and events, and by producing and/or distributing literature on ecumenical and like matters.” We exclude no-one on doctrinal grounds. Our trustees are; Norman Burnell, chairman, a member of Kendal United Reformed Church; Polly Robin, secretary, a Catholic of this parish; Tim Baynes, treasurer, active in the Society of Friends [Kendal Quakers] and Ruth Clarke, URC and active in the Church of England.

We are fortunate to be adequately funded. We do not fundraise, nor do we charge for any event. We invite you to find out more about our work. We use an e list to spread news quickly at no cost, but are willing to use post where necessary.

Contact details.
0784 747 7424
or in person through the local churches named above