Young person singing the psalm“Natural religious instinct urges us to honour God by means of music as well as by the other arts, and to heighten our religious exaltation by joyous singing” (the Catholic Encyclopaedia).

Well, religious exaltation might seem a tall order on a wet November Sunday morning in Kendal, but that’s why we have a Music Group. We’re a group of musicians whose aim it is to encourage all the congregation to join in joyous singing. We aren’t there to give a performance in front of an audience – we’re there to lead the congregation by example, and to keep the music fresh by gently introducing new hymns alongside the old favourites.

We are always delighted to welcome new members. If you play an instrument – keyboard, string, brass, woodwind, percussion – welcome. Singers of all types are welcome. You don’t have to be able to read music: as long as you can sing out, more or less in tune, the Holy Spirit can do the rest.

Our full group meets for the 10am Mass on Sunday, but we are keen to extend this to other Masses. You don’t need to be able to turn up every week. We don’t expect you to spend hours rehearsing; if we’re learning something new, or there’s a “big do” coming up, we’ll stay behind for ten minutes or so after Mass.

Back to the Encyclopaedia: “Appropriate music … raises us above commonplace everyday thoughts into an ideal and joyous mood, rivets mind and heart on the sacred words and actions, and introduces us into the proper devotional and festive atmosphere.” Don’t be shy – leave your pew and come and make appropriate music with the Music Group!