In about 2001 a group of our parishioners, having, for some years directed their efforts to supporting CAFOD, felt that the Parish needed to be more closely involved with and aware of the causes we were supporting and so formed the Parish’s own Overseas Aid Group, the O.A.G., in order to have some personal contact with and feedback from the recipients.

Parishioners were asked to propose deserving causes to be helped for a limited period of say three years or a target of an agreed sum for each project before moving on to a fresh cause.

Over the years the O.A.G. directed the generosity of our parishioners at around £6000 each year. We have also benefitted from extremely generous bequests that have allowed us to make more substantial donations. Examples include:-

The Hodova Refugee Village, £1000, The Little Way Association,£6000, Jospice £3000,  Aid to the Church in Need, £3000, Mary’s Meals (Haiti), £6000, Sr. Julie (Notre Dame Society) £6400, Society of the African Missions, £6000,  the Pakistan Flood Disaster via Aid to the Church in Need. £5100.

The O.A.G. meet on a very informal basis as the need arises but we’re all getting older. How about joining us in these, so rewarding endeavours?