On Wednesday evenings a group of people meet in the parish centre to pray together.  We sing God’s praises and pray to deepen our relationship with Jesus especially through praying with scripture.  We pray for one another and intercede for others, including for all in this parish.  The Holy Spirit is our guide and we encourage the use of the gifts of the Spirit.

We have continued to meet for over 30 years with many different people being part of these prayer meetings, some from other places or Christian traditions.  All are welcome.

We have reached out to others, particularly by offering prayer ministry to any who would like to bring particular needs before Jesus.  This has taken different forms, including special services of prayer for healing, and there is now prayer ministry after the 10am Sunday Masses.

“Baptism in the Spirit”, a prayer for a new outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the lives of individuals, is at the heart of this renewal movement.  We have offered this many times over the years, in the context of Life in the Spirit Seminars.

The prayer meetings in Kendal are part of a world wide movement known as Catholic Charismatic Renewal, an expression of the Holy Spirit moving in the church, after Vatican II and similar movements of the Spirit in other churches.  This work of the Spirit is expressed in a variety of ways in different contexts.   Our desire is to help others to have their Christian lives renewed by an experience of the Holy Spirit who equips us with gifts for service and mission.