Child BaptismWhen baptism for a child is requested, arrangements are made for two catechists to visit the family in their home. The purpose of this visit is to strengthen parish community links with them and to help to further their knowledge of the faith.

During the course of this visit the parents share with the catechists their reasons for requesting baptism and they are helped to understand the responsibilities as well as the blessings which this choice brings.

The family are led in prayer and encouraged and given information about support which is available within the parish for young families. Before leaving the catechists give the parents a Baptism training disc and ask them to watch it together in their own time before returning it when they attend a follow up session in the Parish Centre.

When the parents attend the session in the Parish Centre, the content of the training disc is discussed and any points of interest are shared and necessary clarifications are dealt with. A catechist then leads the parents through the order of the service in the Baptism Book and prepares them for active participation. The meeting closes with prayer and the family is reminded to contact the Parish Priest and confirm the time and the date of the baptism with him.