It was raining hard as I waited to cross the road the other day. A motorist drove to close to the curb spraying a muddy puddle all over me soaking me through to my skin.

I was very angry; my immediate thoughts were for vengeance. But I did have another choice

Lent can be a wonderful time for reflection as we think of Jesus Christ’s journey towards his crucifixion.

The parables he used to illustrate to the crowds were all about love and forgiveness.

We are all faced with these choices every day.

I did not know why the driver was in such a hurry. He may have been going to an emergency to help someone else.

We all do things that hurt others and we don’t mean to.

Instead of judgment and vengeance, choose forgiveness.

As Jesus said, ‘Will you be the one to cast the first stone’?

In our busy lives we need  to find time to talk  to God and listen to what he wants us to do.

Sometimes opportunities occur when we could have helped someone if only we had not been so preoccupied with ourselves. We realize too late how differently we could have acted.

Jesus teaches us to be more aware of those around us, to recognize their needs and help where we can .

Is there someone you know who would welcome a visit, a cheery smile or just a, ‘hello’ to lift their spirits?

Time spent in this way is never wasted. It is productive in helping others and bringing us closer to God.

Lynne Pritchard