The Parish Centre is now open every Tuesday and Thursday between 3.45 and 6.30pm, for flood victims. There’s space, food (hot and cold, snacks) wi-fi, DVDs. Everyone is welcome.
Donations for flood victims: please give money to Fr Hugh. The parish has a small fund which it would like to make bigger, to help the many victims of the floods.

The following updates arrive several times weekly. The most recent are given in full but in future they will be pdfs with brief description of contents.

SL Flood Fact Sheet 7th April 2016 – this contains an important appeal for volunteers:

The Community Flood Recovery Group has devised an initiative aiming to help as many people as possible during this process with various offers of support such as completing grant application forms, flood resilience measures and providing a van to help with moving etc. The first event is planned for Saturday 23rd April and will focus on the Mintsfeet and Far Cross areas of Kendal which is where the largest proportion of properties were affected by the flooding. If this pilot works then further days will be planned to reach out to other areas in a similar way.
To make this a success we do need extra help and so if you or your organisation would be available to help with visitation and provide volunteers on Saturday the 23rd April we would like to hear from you.
There will be two sessions….
10.00 am till 12 noon, meeting at 9.30am at Sandylands Methodist Church for a briefing on flood resilience forms and recording information
2.00 – 4.00pm meeting at 1.30pm at Sandylands Methodist Church for a briefing on flood resilience forms and recording information.

South Area Highways Team Recovery Update No 6 

Flood Forums

The local Flood Partnership is working with the Environment Agency and Cumbria County Council on public events focused on finding out how people have been affected and informing EA’s plans in the future. The Forums will be an opportunity to work alongside other agencies to discuss welfare with communities and an opportunity to continue the registration process.
South Lakeland – Flood Forum Timetable Draft.
Meetings shown in red will be an informal drop in type format with photos , maps and videos etc available and the opportunity to record people’s experiences.
Meetings in black are formal public meetings with reports and discussion sessions.

Churches in the given areas may wish to take note and attend where appropriate.

South Area Highways Team Recovery Update No 5

Flood Recovery Roads and Bridges Update 26 Feb 2016

SL Flood Fact Sheet  4 Mar 2016
SL Flood Fact Sheet 25 Feb 2016:

Flood Insurance
A very recent development regarding Flood Insurance has just emerged . Further information can accessed at No doubt hard copy versions will be available in due course. Flood Re explained

SLDC Report
Also attached for information is a report detailing the Council’s response to the flooding. 2016-02-10 Council-Report – Flood Response Appendix 1

Presentation about the floods giving overall picture so far: flood information as ppt
SL Flood Fact Sheet 11th Feb

Flood update Feb 11 – contains information about flood support and advice units, council tax relief etc

Help required Red Cross volunteers – an urgent appeal for people to train, to help flood victims fill in forms which they cannot fill in for themselves.

SL Flood Fact Sheet 20160204 includes information about bridge closures and a great deal about financial assistance for individuals, businesses, farmers etc

UPDATE 3.02.16

New Carpets
A local carpet supplier has offered to provide carpeting for a number of homes. This offer is to be directed at the most needy and all enquiries are to be addressed to Rob Saner-Haigh (Chair of the Kendal Relief in Need charity) at in the first instance.

The attached fact sheet has been issued today, by Cumbria County Council and gives more detail of the funding available to help homes and businesses, including farmers.
The following link has been provided via the Recovery Coordination Group and gives access to the CCC flood feed page which has up to date information added daily.
Also, for businesses, section 3 of the factsheet mentions Cumbria Growth Hub. The information isn’t that easy to find on their website, so the direct link to the flooding page is:

Households Without Insurance
The Cumbria Community Recovery Group has issued the attached report regarding uninsured households and has asked that it be circulated but with the following caveat
“under the terms of the licence, the data can only be used for academic, personal and / or non-commercial purposes. This data cannot be published on websites etc”.

“The data has been analysed by the Cumbria Intelligence Observatory in order to identify the likely location of higher levels of uninsured households in the EA flood extent areas in Cumbria. You’ll see that there are potentially quite a number of properties in Carlisle and Kendal.  Although individual streets are listed within each town / settlement in the appendices. This data is also going to be mapped”.
CCC Flood Funding Factsheet

2016-02-01 REPORT – households without structure insurance within EA flo…

UPDATE 02.02.16 (3pm)

Flood Support Registration Forms
Around 200 forms have now been submitted and processed with 25% needing further action by various organisations. Needless to say, with over 2700 properties affected there is still some way to go.  Volunteers are still needed to help with this exercise and two training sessions are being organised as follows
·         10th Feb at 1pm to 2pm
·         11th Feb 10am to 11 am
The venue is the Bindloss Room in Kendal Town Hall and 40 people can be accommodated.
To book please contact Jean at Age UK
It is extremely important that anyone affected by the recent flooding completes a registration form even if they do not need any assistance. If anyone knows someone affected please ask them to contact the Flood Relief Centre in the shopping centre. Details to come. If anyone can help with driving the van please get in touch with Age (Uk).

Mobile Unit
The ‘Gateway’ van will be on Asda Car park between 3.30pm – 8pm. The date is to be confirmed. It is intended to do the same at Morrison’s if get permission can be obtained. It will then go on to Burneside, Lyth valley, Windermere and Sedbergh. If anyone c

Flood Relief Centre
The shopping centre have agreed to allow the Flood Relief Centre to remain in where it is for another 6 months. This will be reviewed as necessary.
It is hoped to have a small distribution centre in Windermere.

Furniture Bank
It was hoped to use the empty building at the end of Union St as a Furniture Bank. Unfortunately it is in poor condition due to storm damage and lack of recent use. However, Impact Housing are intending to set up a Furniture Bank somewhere along the M6 corridor,  possibly in Penrith. In light of this King’s Food Bank are happy to abandon their proposals in favour of Impact who have the relevant expertise.

Financial Assistance
The Lupton Tower trust fund, administered by Alison at Arnold Greenwood, are inviting applications for financial help in the range £100-£1000.

Apparently the number of grant applications to CCF from the South Lakeland area is quite low given that it is the worst affected area. £300k has been allocated locally, which is only 23% of the total given out. There are lots of reasons why people are not applying, such as they do not want to admit that they need help; realise after they have applied that they need more help and don’t think they can apply again or think they can’t apply if they have insurance etc. The latter is not the case even where excess clauses apply. Grant forms are available at the Flood Relief Centre and all those affected, and have not made applications, should be encouraged to do so.

St George’s ‘Drop in cafe’
St George’s have reduced their opening hours to 11.30am – 2.30pm.

‘Man and a van’

Encouragement van
Sandylands Methodist Church now have an ‘Encouragement Van’ which has been kindly donated by Lakeland Limited.
It will be used to help families move items of furniture and take items to the tip etc. The van is available for all, not just Sandylands, but can only be driven by designated drivers for insurance reasons.
Please contact  Laura Wilson at Sandylands on 01539 723030 if and when a need arises.

R & R
There are churches in Chester offering accommodation to those volunteers who have been assisting the flood recovery work. Please get in touch with Jonny Gios for more details if you
would like to take up this offer.

More information for flood victims: Gateway Floodline: (from Joe Naylor)

For those of you who are not aware, I am the Gateway Flood line Co-ordinator working out of the Age UK South Lakeland Offices on Finkle Street.  One of my roles is to Triage the Flood Support Registration Forms and by using the Gateway Ehub, refer those clients on to the relevant agency for assistance by using the multi-agency referral system (MARS).

My aim in this email is to try to capture organisations that are not on the Ehub and try to find out what assistance you are able to provide to Flood victims. I am noticing a specific need for transport, removal of damaged materials and emotional support.

If you could provide me with an email address, contact number and what you are able to assist with, I can then pass the details of those in need that I have identified.

If you would like to discuss further my contact details are below.

Many thanks

Joe Naylor

Gateway Flood Line Co-ordinator
01539 792028 ext 308
07787 752267(mobile)