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Mass for Young People

Bernie reading from lecternAt the Mass for Young People on Sunday November 22nd, Bernie welcomed everyone to the Mass. Altar servers and others composed the bidding prayers and read them out.

These are their prayers.

Dear God, we pray for the people of Paris as they come to terms with last week’s attacks. We pray for an end to terrorism around the world.

Please help up become better people by respecting the environment and what God’s made.

Please help the people in the world who don’t have as much food as us and help the people who feel lonely this Christmas.

Lord, please help the children around the world who are carers for their parents who are ill or disabled. Please give them the strength to carry on, and society to recognise and help them.

Dear Jesus, I pray for the homeless and the lonely. Please keep them in your prayers.

Dear Jesus, please help the children who are in need, sick or hurt. We are thankful that we are lucky to be happy and well. Please help us to be better people.

Dear God, help us to love and appreciate our families more. Let’s pray for children who do not have mums and dads.

Lord, help us to remember the people of Paris as we look forward to Advent. Help them to be brave and face the future together with us.

Dear God, please help those affected by the floods in Kendal and other parts of the world.

Altar servers after bidding prayers

After the bidding prayers had been read, Bernie asked everyone to take one of the little paper leaves in their pews and to write a prayer for a young person or anyone they cared about.

These prayers now hang from a prayer tree by the font.

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