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South Lakes Young Carers

There are more than 200 young carers in our area aged from 5 to 18. Six or seven years ago there were only about 60. South Lakes Young Carers is the local charity which supports them, with two social workers, an administration that sits inside South Lakes Carers, and lots of volunteers. Our SVP supports SLYC with £3000 per annum (as long as we can afford it) as well as volunteer help.

Every month there is a support session where young carers get together, largely for fun. They used to meet in the Lads and Lasses Club, but since it was flooded they have met in our Parish Centre. At the end of April an artist came to help them create two enormous Street Art canvases. They had such fun that they’ll be doing it again!

Young Carers Street ArtYoung Carers work in progressIMG_0561


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