The scriptures are one of the three pillars of our faith. The gospels bring alive for us Jesus Christ, the heart of the Christian Bible, while around them we have the wonderful history of the Old Testament and after, the story of the early Church and its developing theology.

We cannot know our faith without knowing the scriptures.

There are many ways to read the Bible and we are going to try just two of them depending on which suits you best.

If you have access to the internet, one is to use eSword (see the page ‘Reading the Bible on your computer, smartphone or tablet’) which gives you a set of verses each day throughout the year.  Where applicable it will give you an appropriate psalm as well to read with the prose passage.

If you do not want to read every day, I will break the Bible up into monthly blocks and suggest passages that are important to look at if you cannot read the whole block.

Each month we will also have a meeting to look at what we have read and what we are going to read.

The two ways are not mutually exclusive! For each block I will put a little information on the internet, and supply a hard copy of it as well.

We will discover that the Bible is written in many styles, such as prose, history, poetry, satire, and it matters to understanding it in which style a piece is written.  Poetry expresses truth differently to prose.

We will also find that the Bible has been edited many times over by people with different emphases because of their difference experiences and lives and that translation means interpretation, and everyone interprets as they read.