What is the SVP?

The St Vincent de Paul Society (SVP) is an international Christian voluntary organization dedicated to tackling poverty & disadvantage by direct practical assistance to those in need. It tries to assist on a person to person basis, regardless of faith, colour, race or status. The SVP respects religious liberty and values all people. It is non-discriminatory and non-judgemental.

The Society aims to help anyone in need if it is within the local membership’s capability while maintaining their confidentiality and dignity.

What does the SVP do?

Local visiting is our core work. Building relationships based on trust and friendship gives the SVP its unique character. Visits are made to individuals, families, the sick at home or in hospitals, hospices and residential homes. Loneliness – especially among the elderly – is growing. Members devote time to visiting housebound people to prevent them feeling isolated. Support may include doing shopping, decorating, gardening, filling in official forms and ensuring they receive their statutory benefits. Our SVP provides taxis for Sunday Mass, First Friday Masses and the monthly Parish Lunch. We hold an Annual Party New Year Party each January.

Does the SVP help developing countries?

SVP have a Twinnage programme for financial support from UK groups directly to SVP members in developing countries. England and Wales SVP groups are twinned with India, Grenada, Guyana and Sudan SVP groups. Members there provide “first aid” and finance projects for schemes to make local populations self-sufficient, e.g. providing bicycles, sewing machines, animals, loans for businesses or digging wells.

Kendal is twinned with an Indian SVP group.

What can I do for SVP?

  • Pray for us
  • Encourage us
  • Tell others about our work
  • Join us
  • Donate money and/or furniture or household goods

Raymond Daley, SVP President. 01539 720985. jraymonddaley@gmail.com